Shop St. Joseph kicks off Wednesday

Shop St. Joseph kicked off Wednesday and other holiday shopping programs around the area begin soon. Kristi Bailey with the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce said they are encouraging retailers who would like to be a part

Missouri Issues & Regional Election Returns

Precincts Reporting: 2990 of 3256 Precincts Amendment 1: Redistricting and Lobbyist Controls Yes 1,222,800 No  772,102 Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana Yes 1,308,379 No  723,786 Amendment 3: Medical Marijuana Yes 627,434 No  1,387,239 Amendment 4: Loosen Restrictions on Bingo

Buchanan County Election Results

Showing 29 of 29 contests Contest: U.S. SENATOR, VOTE FOR 1, Precincts Reported: 1 of 26 (4%)  U.S. SENATOR (VOTE FOR 1) Precincts Reported: 1 of 26 (4%) Candidate Name Total Votes Percentage JOSH HAWLEY (REPUBLICAN PARTY)JOSH HAWLEY, REPUBLICAN PARTY 1,025