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Brady & Pats Extend For Two Years

The team on Monday reached agreement on a two-year contract extension for the star quarterback, keeping him under lock and key through 2019. Tom Brady, Patriots agree to two-year extension Via Tom Brady said in October

New MLB Rules: Game Pace & Takeout Slides

MLB and the players’ union have banned rolling blocks to break up double plays, hoping to prevent takeouts like Utley’s that broke the leg of Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada during last year’s playoffs. Among new rules, MLB reportedly to use

ARod: Five More Years, No Way! Fans: Phew.

“I’m madly in love with the game of baseball, but I won’t be playing five more years,” Rodriguez said yesterday afternoon. “… At age 40 with two hip surgeries, I’m day to day.” Alex Rodriguez not interested

Dogs Are Ball Boys at USTA Event

In an exhibition with players Roberto Carballes Baena of Spain and Gastao Elias of Portugal, the canines Frida, Costela, Mel and Isabelle engaged onlookers Thursday night by picking up balls that went out of bounds. Shelter dogs

Browns Going For Another QB?

Jared Goff, the sharp shooter from Cal who might be the first quarterback drafted in a few weeks, has hands that measure with a width of nine inches.  Big enough to QB the Browns? Browns can’t afford

Red Sox Deep In Sandoval Weight Mess

Manager Farrell told the media that Sandoval had lost 20-22 pounds during the offseason. When Sandoval arrived at spring training, he said he never once weighed himself during the offseason. Huh? Pablo Sandoval’s ’17 Percent Body Fat Ratio’

NHL Canadiens Twitter Promo Goes Wrong

To celebrate the achievement of 1 million-plus followers, the team had automated tweets set up to respond to people who used the hash tag #CanadiensMTL1M. Automated responses can be very bad sometimes. Canadiens apologize for Twitter promotion that

Browns Very Upset with Manziel

Coach: “I want to make sure we all understand that that behavior will not be tolerated. That’s all I want to say about it. I want to leave it at that. Our organization is going to take a

Bautista Wants a New Contract

Jose Bautista, at age 35 but coming off six straight All-Star seasons, told reporters Monday that he presented the club with specific contract terms and did not plan to bargain. GM won’t discuss Jose Bautista contract negotiations Via

Tricked Out MLB Rides!

The noisiest moment at Mets spring training camp this year wasn’t when free-agent slugger Yoenis Cespedes first arrived. It was when he arrived for his third day on Tuesday—in a tricked-out tricycle. Yoenis Cespedes Rolls Into Mets